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Green Voices

 A Collection of Green Advocacy Petitions 

This is an ongoing list of links from a weekly petition collecting project. Anyone can click and sign; it's that easy to use your Green Voice!


Petitions wildly range in environmental issues. You can use the links to help protect water, trees, and animals or to stand against fossil fuels, plastics, greedy corporations, and dirty banks. You can answer calls from groups asking for global pressure, stand with environmental defenders, for Indigenous rights, and against environmental racism. With a click you can support green policies and pushes for change at the municipal, provincial, national, or international level.


It does not solve everything, but it is a way for people to come together and lend their voice to important issues. Nature is global to us all. Whether you're passionate about pollinators, stopping pollution, defending animals, wanting clean air or less plastic waste, or just curious about global initiatives, grassroots ideas, or anything in between - there is a place for your green voice!

Night Skies

 Nature Protection Pocket 

This is a matching Forest Forum category where you can leave petition links for people to sign. You can also share resources, environmental groups, upcoming events, and ideas that are helping to protect our beautiful green world.

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Week 12


Green Voices
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