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Work in Progress - It will take a while to build these 6 areas and all the hikes & supernature adventures contained. Hope you enjoy the starting points and stay tuned!

Travel Kindness Blog

Scotland Hiking

Land of mountains, fog, rain, & green.

Cape Breton Leaves

Island of trees, coastlines, and kindness.

Guatemala sunset

Heaven on earth and the "place of many trees."

Canada Forest


A collection of different hikes from the vast country of Canada.

Argentina Patagonia

South America

Endless adventures across 9 countries.

Crossing the Batic

European Adventures

North to South, West to East; Europe's got a lot of adventures to eat.

Atacama Desert in Chile
Belizean Pirate
Over-loching Scotland's lochs
Cape Breton - Louisbourg Hiking
Poland's Tatra mountains
On the Cape Wrath Trail
Snack Time with a View
In the Guatemalan Forests

Enjoy a laugh with this new page of silly explorer moments. It has taken years to hone this level of exploring the Supernaturegirl way - with huge doses of curiosity, silliness, and nature love. Explore these silly explorer moments with me! 

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