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East Coast of Canada

The Punnet Society

Welcome to The Punnet Society! A branch into all things puns and for people who love having silly fun with words.


So many fantastic puns get away or are never heard. The Punnet Society offers a net to catch your puns and a basket to bask in them. So join in and send in your best, and your worst, puns!

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community for puns
pi pun
bad pun
taco pun
Landscape with Animals
Patchwork Design

The Punnet Society Mission:

Create a home for people who love puns.

Form a community that fills this home with punny ideas, word plays, and laughter.

Find like-minded people interested in creating new avenues that bring puns to various forms of writing. 


Be a hub for writing questions, articles, tips, and contests. Have the option of writing encouragement or feedback between members.

A pun and writing community
Pun nature writing contest

Pun of the Year!

It's easy, it's free, it's a chance to be silly and creative, plus you could win an easy $25! 


Fiction or non-fiction, pack any travel, community, or nature-based writing with a ton of puns. 

Here is your chance to make sure 2024 includes puns! 

bad puns
bear pun
Terrible puns
Bricks and Windows
Black Sky

Contact the society for questions, to join and put your puns to work, or to share a bad pun and make my day.


Grow The Punnet Society in the Forest Forum or Facebook group to start capturing your puns and to find your commpunity! 

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