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Hiking Moon Magic

Hiking as Art

Oil Painting
Brush Strokes

This Hiking Moon Magic experiment is made from hiking videos and adventures, creative designs and spoken nature-based poetry

Hiking is a physical activity of exploration, but there is no rule that says it can't also be an art form. Long-distance hiking and wild camping are ways to directly connect to nature. The reward is new connections, expressions, and experiences. The question is can this be shared through art? 

Northern Lights

Part of a Dream

Creating more work like this is one of the outcomes in the project Looking Down Low.

By combining hiking exploration with different artistic mediums, it can extend the reach of this connection to our natural world. The aim of the project would be to collect footage of me and Daisy the cat in hiking adventures going across Atlantic Canada. This would be turned into artistic resources that could be made available in urban and educational settings.


Bringing nature into our lives has so many benefits! Nature connections can be made, expressed, and shared through art. This can occur through adventures, poetry, exploration, music, questions, and more or the combination of them all. Can you imagine what the world looks like down low through the eyes of a cat in the forest? What leaves and insects look like, how tall a tree seems, how strange and large litter can be, how there are so many different things to find, follow, and know. If you can imagine this, then keep going to imagining a changed perspective from seeing and how much stronger connection can be through film, poetry, and forms of art. This is the goal of Looking Down Low. 

Please support the idea by learning more, help with funding it, through advice, collaborations, learning opportunities, sharing knowledge or skills, or any other ideas or possible assistance. 

Happy Hiking!

Hiking Moon Magic poster
Looking Down Low


Exploration is not always for the faint of heart, but it comes with many rewards and a path to create and pursue nature connections.


Video & Photography

Visual connections of nature elements and a down-low view following footprints and pawprints. Make it easy for people to put themselves into the journey.


Poetry & Art

Appeal to the creative side, to the doors that keep our curiosity and imagination open.

Paper Art
Utrecht Building


Vine Leaves


Light on Painting


Northern Lights
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