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Take a journey through fabulous forests, creative coastal shores, towering mountain peak ideas, and everywhere one woman's feet can carry her!

My dream is to share, create, and collect global nature connections through art expressions and hiking explorations. Hi, my name is Jesse and my supernaturegirl name comes from years of travelling, hiking, and having nature adventures. I have a B.A. in Community Studies, and a diploma in Social Services and in Travel and Tourism. I am passionate about our world and love both individuality and community, This is reflected in the projects happening on this website. They are made for you too to be able to test out uniqueness and global sharing or action. Join in with projects like the Forest Forum, Moon Art Community, The Punnet Society, Green Voices, or others!

Projects gives an overview of all the different options. 


Looking Down Low is the dream of hiking across Atlantic Canada with my cat pal, Miss Daisy Maple Mudpie, in order to search for nature connections and translate them to shareable hiking art. It will be an adventure and with much potential of creating and sharing. We could use some help making it happen, and you can support through a GoFundMe page, ordering nature designs, fun Ko-Fi commissions, or just following the journey of calico cuteness and adventures.

From small, solo projects or creative collaborations, hiking or nature-living opportunities, or help with the dream of walking across Canada; I’m always looking for kindred spirits & a chance to explore and learn. If you are also passionate about learning and growing your world, consider the supernaturegirl booking options to start today!

~ Feel free to contact me with ideas, questions, comments, or dreams. ~

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