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New projects always happening ~

Stay tuned!

Dandelion Fields
Green Balconies

Click for green actions bundled together in 1 page. 

Grass Texture
Forest Trees

The Forest Forum is bursting with so many seedling ideas!


There are more than 20 categories of different types of nature connections. You can help grow the forest by adding your own stories, thoughts, photos, dreams, knowledge, or passions. If you see an area not included, then plant this tree in the forest!


This is a growing, green space for any curious nature lover. Topics range from green ideas, animal love, fashion passion, crafts, art, music and language, natural remedies, trees, water, quotes, birds, puns & more. No matter what you love, there is likely a connection back to nature.


Share and grow your individual tree in the Forest Forum!

Here are a few samples of the new categories of nature connection:

black and white tree

Supernaturegirl is now on ko-fi!

A platform where you can support the work happening here by helping with the next goal, buying me a coffee or Daisy some cat food, or by ordering different commissions. SNG Designs has unique digital nature art for sale. Other selections include Word Games, Strange Cards, Language Blitz, or a game of chess or puzzle battle!

More commission ideas to come and thank you for the support!

Super Nature Designs
Word Game
Language Blitz
Flower Decorations
Flower Petals design

This new idea is now in the Forest Forum! Plant-based poetry is creating a post with a photo or name of a type of plant. People add their thoughts and comments to match the plant - creating a collection of words, phrases, & ideas. 


Add your favourite or least favourite plant, leave facts, poetry, or creative comments, upload or even design plant images, and vote on your favourite interpretations. This project can be turned into a creative page after. 

Check out the fun in the forum and let's get cooking with some plant-based poetry!

Abstract Paint
Bare Trees in Fog
Questioning Moon design

A Wild Questioning Moon is the title of a new potential poetry book. Will 2024 be the year it becomes real? 

This is part of Looking Down Low and the creation of Hiking Art!

You can find this in the form of poetry, short stories, music, videos, designs, art, & pure creative silliness.

Offerings to the moon so far include: 
~ Stories to the moon

~ Silly Fridge Sayings

~ Moon Music (Songs combined with hiking adventure stories)

~ Moon Words (Designs and excerpts from different poems)

~ Hiking Moon Magic (Hiking videos with spoken poetry)

~ Moon Meets Adventure (Hiking journals with designs/photography)

~ Song Art Clips (Clips from songs paired with nature designs) 

Moon Art Community is the idea of promoting different types of nature-based art. If you are a writer, painter, artist in any form, or anyone with a nature idea or expression, then submit your work for a chance to be published on a page for Moon Art! 

Comic book picture

Brought to you by The Punnet Society!

This free-to-enter writing contest is open to anyone and comes with the chance of winning $25 for your puns. Simply share a travel, nature, or community story or poem filled with puns. Both fiction and non-fiction are welcome. Use as many puns as you can in the 552 word limit.

Deadline for entries is December 31, 2024.

Ready, Set, and Pun!

Hammock in Nature

A work in progress and an ongoing creation of hiking trails, unique places, and nature snapshots from around our beautiful supernature world!

Eucalyptus Tree

Dare to dream of green alternatives! This new Blog category with a matching forum section is all about the ways individuals can make a difference through simple, everyday actions, choices, and changes. Discover ideas, green facts, easy ways to help, and a perspective of hope and possibility when it comes to our potential of caring for our planet.  


Discuss the pros, cons, and options - share your thoughts, ideas, and green dreams!

Sunrise over Mountains

Blog Extras

Indigenous Language Music finally has a home as a separate page under the blog! This will be a place to scroll through entries and discover new music, new places, new artists, new languages, random facts and resources, and an insight into our world through music.


This topic is also a Forest Forum category for anyone to share Indigenous language or music.

A constantly growing page to take quick action for the environment. Green Voices is where you'll find 3-5 new links to environmental petitions each week. It's simple and fast; add your green voice to help nature. 

Learn more about this unique personality type through a collection of videos and memes. 

A new creation for the unknown. So far, filled with musical playlists and a dive into a mix of interesting music! 

Natural Disaster

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There are several new groups to start growing communities for nature lovers, advocates, cat lovers, writers, or pun fiends! The Supernature Connections on Facebook and Instagram can be a place to share or find green ideas, nature news, petitions, adventures, environmental events, methods for sustainable living, and anything under the moon or sun~


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Questioning Moon

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