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Done with Dove

Does it create beauty to poison our planet and threaten the health of communities? 🥀

Dove creates mountains of plastic waste every year which especially devastates ecosystems in the Global South. They are responsible for releasing 6.4 billion single-use plastic sachets each year that are nearly impossible to collect and even harder to recycle. That’s 12,000 every minute!

Greenpeace has been campaigning for Dove, and Dove’s owner Unilever, to reduce plastic for many years. Nearly 150,000 people have signed a petition asking Dove to stop selling plastic sachets and commit to phasing out single-use plastics, and despite this they won’t talk or budge.

This summer leads up to the 20th anniversary of Dove’s flagship Real Beauty advertising campaign in September. Take this pledge to say if Dove won’t ditch their plastic, it’s time we ditch Dove!


Sign the Letter to Dove:

Do you buy Dove's Plastic Products?

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