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Would That We Could Will Willow Away

Updated: Feb 6

According to CNN, the Willow Project could produce enough oil to release around 9.2 million metric tons of carbon into the air, which is roughly equivalent to adding 2 million gas cars to the roads. Overall, this project will create about 260 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of around 70 new coal-fired power plants.


Some days it's a heart-breaking world that we live in, but perhaps that could be willed away if we used those hearts more in the decisions that affect the world we live in.

❄️ A few days ago, a U.S. federal judge in Alaska rejected requests to halt winter construction work for the massive Willow oil project on Alaska’s North Slope. This comes just weeks after another judge dismissed climate and Indigenous groups concerns; ruling that the Willow Project can go forward with construction. Concerns from Indigenous and environmental groups include the increased planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from Willow and how federal agencies failed to consider what the project’s increased emissions will do for species who rely on ice, such as the polar bear, Arctic ringed seals, and bearded seals.

🔥Are those unimportant concerns to ignore? What does it take for our species to care about our connected world and the other forms of life who live with us? The Arctic is an incredibly delicate and unique region. Temperatures here are already increasing around four times the rate of the rest of the planet. Allowing oil companies to break ground on this project will spell a death sentence for the Arctic and the animals that live there. What could be worth this outcome; what is in the hearts of those who value destruction over preservation?

🪦 ConocoPhillips Alaska has already begun prepacking ice roads and plans to begin surface-disturbing activities, such as gravel mining and pipeline construction, as early as Dec. 21st. The oil company has also filed a request for a seismic survey to examine oil deposits around the Willow project to “identify potential future development areas.”

Millions of people have voiced their concerns against this environmental disaster through the petitions below. Add your voice in turning Willow into a WILL NOT:

** Petitions:

** Petitions for U.S. citizens or enter 00000 for postal code:

** Update: Petition that closed in December sent 59,755 signatures to the Biden Administration asking for strong protection for the Arctic.

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