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Hydro Dam Damning Tapanuli Orangutans and the Batang Toru Ecosystem!

Updated: Feb 16

A hydro dam is planned for the richest area of the Batang Toru Ecosystem - a beautiful primary forest gorge area that has the highest densities of the last remaining Tapanuli orangutans.

Tapanuli orangutans

2017 was the year we learned of a new species of great ape; the tapanuli orangutan. Numbering fewer than 800, they are the most endangered species of great ape in the world. They are only found in the Batang Toru ecosystem, which is in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Their fragile ecosystem is under attack. In 7 years, we went from discovering the tapanuli orangutan to knowingly exterminating them.

This disastrous dam project was recently bought by Chinese company State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC). One of the petitions is appealing to SDIC’s Scotland-based subsidiary, Red Rock Power, to formally implore them to bring this up with their parent company and halt construction before it’s too late. The tapanuli orangutan can not stop this chain of greed and destruction, but we can speak for them and against the notion that a company has the right to wipe out what has a right to live and belongs in our shared natural world. 

Sign the petitions:

This hydro dam not only jeopardizes the orangutans, but it harms local people and the whole area of this amazing, living part of our planet.

If the wildlife and eco-system suffer to the point of extinction, is it ok for companies to continue?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Unsure

  • Hell no!

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