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Octopus-sionate Action

Updated: Feb 6

Meddling in the incredible instead of action with compassion. Our oceans are in crisis, and draining them of life and destroying delicate marine ecosystems is clearly something we shouldn’t be doing. Octopus farming is immoral, unsustainable, unethical, and ecologically unjustified. Octopus are incredible creatures. As the world's most intelligent invertebrate, they have as many neurons as a dog. They feel pain, and the proposed methods in farming them are torturous. The entire concept is based on disruptions of the environment; from industrial trawlers depleting populations of fish in order to feed the octopi trapped in small tanks, to the nutrient-rich water the farm will pump directly into the ocean. The experts are clear in the harm and there is no doubt that this is a terrible addition to our world.

The Canary Islands are influenced by tourism, so take a moment to pledge to boycott and not visit The Canary Islands until the octopus farm proposal is dropped and octopus are recognised as sentient beings in Gran Canaria.

stop octopus farming

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