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Bank on our Future

Updated: Feb 13

Our future needs to include the Amazon Rainforest; tell banks to bank on our future!

Amazon deforestation has been hitting record highs, while oil & gas extraction continues to increase deforestation and forest degradation in this intricate home to so much biodiversity. Imagine instead an Amazon-wide exclusion policy that uplifted the interconnecting commitments around deforestation, biodiversity, and Indigenous People’s rights.

This is possible, but banks need to stop pouring investment and financing into the oil & gas companies causing destruction. JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup are all banks scoring “F’s” and are at “very high-risk” of funding the destruction of the Amazon. These banks have deforestation policies and screening processes, yet they find policy loopholes to keep them in business with companies involved in corruption, human right’s violations, and biodiversity loss.

Use this petition to tell banks to stop financing oil expansion in the Amazon through an exclusion policy for the whole region: Sign now: Banking on Amazon Destruction (

Should banks and corporations control what happens to the Amazon?

  • No

  • Yes

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