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Save the Darwin Oak

Updated: Feb 13

Have you ever heard of the Darwin Oak in England?

darwin oak tree

This is a 550-year-old, open-grown, ancient oak tree! It is believed that Charles Darwin sat under it or even climbed up this tree to contemplate his future scientific works. 550 years of living history is irreplaceable, and yet it is being sacrificed to make room for a new road plan that could easily be changed with little or no cost.

Saving this oak tree is not only historically and culturally significant, but it’s also environmental common sense. It is widely accepted that large-canopy, open-grown trees like the Darwin Oak sequester way more CO2 than thousands of saplings. The proposed felling of numerous veteran trees also goes against the UK’s own National Planning Policy Framework. Thankfully, a community group has been formed to stop this outcome from happening. Almost 100,000 people have signed this petition and they are asking for assistance to keep the momentum going so that the Darwin Oak can keep growing and remain. 

save the darwin tree

Should 500+ year old trees be cut to make room for more roads?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Unsure

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