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Fern Leaves

Fallen Leaf

Updated: Feb 6

The cutest thing today is a calico cat chasing October leaves that have fallen onto my balcony. It's pitch black and I can't se her, but I can walk by and hear the hunt.

Rustle, rustle, scratch, LEAP!

Another leaf leaves in pieces and ends up in a happy cat's mouth. The fallen leaf is trotted inside; delivered remnants journeying to secret piles on a dirt brown carpet. Watching her work is enough to create inquiries into this world that is hers and not mine.

What makes her free seems to be nature and the instincts towards it. In a world where humans are blinded and blindly surrounded by concrete grey, it becomes harder to see the landscape of choices available by chasing a fallen leaf. Harder, but not impossible.

Sun in the trees from a balcony

adorable calico cat

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