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Let's Grow Our Connections With Nature

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Canadian bird

Supernature Connections


 We are all connected to nature, but how we best connect is up to us to discover! 

Hi there, my name is Jesse or Supernaturegirl. 
Hiking, writing, travel, music, animals, and art are my favourite nature connections. What are yours?
 Supernature Connections is the idea of combining different nature connections into a supernature community; a place where we can share, learn, and support individual ways of connecting and helping nature. Join in and explore our supernature world!

Welcome to this online space for adventures and supernature connections! 

 Check out Projects for an overview of options

Plant your tree!


Add your voice, share knowledge, and plant your nature connection in The Forest Forum. This is a chance to grow a nature community with categories from birds, water, trees, mushrooms, advocacy, nature stories, quotes, fashion, art, mental health, veggie food, natural remedies, kid's activities, & more!

A chance to submit your art!

Watercolor Paint

Moon Art Community is a year-wide space and website page to display your creations to the moon. Whatever style or format, but the theme of entries needs to involve nature. Give your nature art a new place to be shared!

Pink Flower Bloom

Enter your best puns!

This free-to-enter writing contest is open to anyone. Write a real or imagined story or poem about nature and fill it with a ton of puns. Join in for a chance to win some cash and share your writing!


Supernature Connection

There is a place for community & connections. Find a cute calico, adventures, writing fun, or nature advocacy on the website, Instagram, or Facebook. YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Quora, & Ko-fi are further options. Whatever place or style, I hope you'll find a place to feel at home

Join in on imagining &writing creative poetic musings about different varieties of plants
Forest Forum
Creating Hiking art with poetry, photography, video, music, adventure stories and more.jpg
Moon Art Community
Leaf Pattern

Looking Down Low

Is it a dream, an artistic expression, or a bird?
Is it hiking exploration, research & educational, or a plane? 
Wait! I know...
It's the Supernaturegirls!

april 26 hike (1).jpg

Join the mission and adventure of a woman and a calico cat slowly, slowly, slowly, walking across parts of Canada in search of supernature connections. 

Leaf Pattern

This project involves creating shareable nature outlets and new forms of hiking art! 

Can sharing our nature connections lead to community, action, & a more collective caring for our natural world?
What do you think?