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Yes to Yasuní

Updated: Mar 7

The Ecuadorian people have said yes to saving Yasuni National Park and no to oil drilling in this incredible area of the Amazon. Add your name to the petition below if you think a government should be able to understand yes means yes and no means no.

The majority of Ecuadorians voted to ban fossil fuel drilling in the super-biodiverse Yasuní National Park last August. It was a powerful victory of people choosing nature! 6 months later, Ecuador's new president wants to carry on with drilling and do away with both democracy and rainforest.

The people said yes to protecting Yasuní National Park. As a home to millions of species of plants, birds, insects, and mammals, it may be the most biologically diverse place on the planet. Indigenous leaders and allies are rallying and returning to the fight for its protection. Please add your name to show there is global support for the permanent end to drilling in the Amazon!


Here are some of the many reasons Yasuní is significant to our world:

  • Home to over 130 globally threatened species 

  • 382 species of fish (estimates range from 382 to 499 species)

  • 100,000+ species of insects (roughly the same as all of North America)

  • 595 species of birds

  • 169 species of mammals (could be as high as 204 species)

  • 4,000+ vascular plant species

  • 43 species of endemic vertebrates

  • World records for tree and liana diversity

  • Despite covering less than 0.15% of the Amazon Basin, roughly 33% of the Amazon’s reptile and amphibian species are found in Yasuní (121 reptiles and 150 amphibians).

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